Avid 200 Level Pro Tools Operator certification - Music

Course Description

Music Production is all about efficiency, flexibility and creativity. The Pro Tools Operator (Music) courses will guide you through the twists and turns of music production, and show you how Pro Tools can bring out the best in your music-from tracking and editing, through mixing and mastering. When you’re done with your courses, you have the opportunity to join the proud ranks of Avid Certified Operators for Pro Tools (Music)

To gain the title of Avid Certified Operator for Pro Tools, you must take two courses, Pro Tools Production I (PT201) and Pro Tools Production II (PT210M), before sitting and passing the associated certification exam. This course includes both the 201 and 210M courses. 

Content overview

Customizing Pro Tools
Session Configuration and Track Management
Selection Techniques
Editing Techniques
Clip-Based Processing
Automation Functions…
Mixing and Plug-In Processing
Preparing a Session for Music Composition
Tracking and Overdubbing
Using Beat Detective for Tempo Matching
Editing and Fine-Tuning MIDI. – Advanced MIDI Production
Song Structure, Key, and Tempo
Arranging and Producing
Mixing and Automation – Printing Your Mix

Logistical Details

The course consists of 2 lecture days per week. Each lecture day consists of two 90 min lessons totalling 20 lessons. In addition to the lessons you will be required to complete exercises and prepare for exams in your own time. It is recommended that you have access to a current Pro Tools system. Two online exams will be written on campus. Addition costs for text books will be added to the course fee.

Registration closes: 3 February 2020

Course starts: April 2020

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Full time/Part time: Part time (Lectures during office hours)

Price: R18 500.00

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