Introduction to Sound Engineering Online

Course Description

The online Introduction to Sound Engineering is a 16 week (4 month) online program that covers the various disciplines of the sound engineering field. Students will start with audio technology fundamentals and learning what being a sound engineer is all about. Once the fundamentals of sound are learned students will be introduced to the equipment and software used in the sound production industry. Theory and practical skills are integrated through a number of practical assignments that enable the acquisition of the necessary skills and the assessment of your work. On completion of the course you will be able to effectively operate pro tools in any audio environment to, produce and record music, effectively produce soundtracks, sound effects and sound design beds to picture (post production) and set up and operate a live sound PA system.

Content Overview
Audio technology fundamentals
Sound measurement
Microphone technology and application
Digital Audio Workstations DAW (Pro Tools)
Music production – Recording and mixing / Electronic music production
Audio post production – Sound to picture
Live sound set up and operation

Logistical Details
The course runs continuously for 16 weeks and you are required to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week on your studies. This would involve watching on line lectures, research, and practical work completing assignments. All resources will be available to you via our Learning management system which will require you to have a reliable internet connection. A facilitator/tutor will be assigned to you and you will have direct contact during office hours. Any communication made after hours will be dealt with the following day. In order to complete the practical assignments you will need to have access to basic recording equipment and a recent version of Pro Tools DAW.

Registration closes: 31 January 2020

Course starts: 3 February 2020

Course Duration: 4 months

Full time/Part time: Part time – On line.

Price: R16 500.00

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