Live Sound

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the basic equipment used at a live event. Students will explore the design and components of a basic sound reinforcement system and the theoretical and practical skills required to select, set-up, troubleshoot, and break down an effective Public Address (PA) system.

Students will also be introduced to the advanced principles of live sound production and the role and responsibilities of a sound engineer within this context. Students will be assessed on their ability to evaluate, plan, manage, and operate the live sound requirements for a live event.

The course is 8 weeks long, consisting of two 90 min lectures per week. (Lectures could take the form of practical demonstration, discussions or formal lectures). Lectures will be held 2 evenings each week.

Students will be expected to do additional practical time during the duration of the course. 

In addition to the scheduled lectures, your assigned Cape Audio College facilitator will conduct an assessment opportunity for students that will consist of an actual live event.

Content overview:  
– Basic Public Address (PA)Venue considerations
– Set up and break down protocols
– Sound check
– The monitors and feedback
– Designing for intelligibility
– Acoustic considerations
– Troubleshooting
– Front of house sound system design and operation
– Monitor engineering
– Advanced live sound technologies
– Advanced live mixing techniques
– Recording the live event
– Logistical details


Registration closes: 13 July 2020

Course starts: 13 July 2020

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Full time/Part-time: Part-time.

Price: R14 500.00

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