Audio Factories

The audio factories are specifically designed to aid the student in the entry stages of the technical field of audio production. There is a lot to learn and therefore getting experience in the studio at an early stage in the course is incredibly important to help gain the fundamentals of using the equipment. These booths have been designed to emulate the large studio by providing important systems that are needed to efficiently learn how to operate them. By fitting patch bays, compressors and preamps the student is able to gain experience with professional studio procedures and practice without being intimidated by the grandeur of the big recording studio. Everyone needs to start somewhere which makes these suites ideal for the budding enthusiast. Each room is fitted with fully equipped Pro Tools systems and isolation booths for overdubs and voice overs. There are RCF E12 mixers in all four of the these suits and a full set of Mic Pre amps, compressors and effects processors for sculpturing your audio productions. And with the Tannoy monitoring systems mixing and editing become a pleasure to perform in these compact but very comfortable audio suites.

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