Library Facilities

The reference library is a relaxed environment designed specificallyfor the purpose of research and student development. This library contains the latest in Audio Engineering reference literature as well as music business and audio industry resources. Computer workstations provide students with a porthole to the vast resources available online including the Audio Engineering Societies online database of academic journals that date back more than 100 years. A collection of over 5000 CD’s of multiple genres provide students with reference material that has huge value when producing music, as well as a massive international audio magazine collection keeps students up to date with the latest in world wide audio technology.

Group study sessions, SRC meetings and college events can all be facilitated using this modern and relaxed environment. With close access to the reference library this becomes a huge advantage for the knowledge hungry learner. There is always a multitude of activities happening at the Cape Audio College, that students are strongly encouraged to involve themselves with. The study centre provides a quiet and relaxed working climate that encourages learning and self development. Lecturers and trainers are on call at all times to help provide support to learners who might be researching in this location.

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