Main Studio & Live Room

The main studio at the Cape Audio College has been designed and fitted as a world class recording facility, giving students the opportunity to gain valuable experience with cutting edge industry tools. Although audio theory is of great importance, an employable engineer is an engineer with practical experience. Our students gain this valuable experience by producing various course assignments within these studios. Our studios are constantly evolving providing a real world environment that brings the best out of both engineer and artist alike.

The heart of the main control room is supported by an Audient ASP large format recording / mixing console, the kind of mixer you would find in any world class studio. This is backed up by the superb Radar digital multi-track recorder boasting some of the best sounding converters in the biz. Your audio is then controlled and manipulated using the latest in Protools technology running on extremely powerful Macintosh Pro workstation. Pair this with our extensive range of outboard processors and you have an extremely versatile analogue / digital hybrid environment designed specifically for the production of high quality music and audio.

The main control room has access to a large live area with enough inputs to record up to 24 instruments simultaneously. Further isolation is provided with 2 additional iso booths for effective live recording.


  • Audient ASP 8024
  • iZ Radar Classic Digital Multitrack
  • Macintosh G5 running Protools
  • Command 8 digital control surface
  • Yamaha NS-10m Studio Monitors
  • JBL LSR powered monitors
  • JBL Control 10
  • Focusrite Red 3 compressor
  • Focusrite Red 2 EQ
  • 2 X dbx 160A compressor
  • dbx 166XL compressor
  • LA audio 4X4 Compressor / Gate
  • Symetrix 425 dynamics
  • Symetric 564E Quad Gate
  • Ensoniqu DP-4 multi effects
  • Lexicon MX-300 multi effects
  • 2 x Boss SX-700 multi effects processors
  • Digidesign Digi002 protools interface.
  • Carver and Alesis Amplification
  • Novation midi controller
  • Presonus Fireport AD/DA
  • LCD video output

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