Post Production Studio

The post production studio is fitted with the very best in digital audio software and hardware. Not only is it fitted with Avids flagship Pro Tools system but also the latest in JBL room modelling studio monitoring that is taking the world by storm. The 5.1 surround sound system allows full feature film post production and recording is a synch with the Focusrite Octi-pre 8 channel microphone preamp. Connection to the main live room is available for drum tracking or track over dubbing and the acoustics have been fitted to give a natural and balanced reproduction for the final stages of the project. Mastering is a pleasure in the Post production room with the aide of the professional dBx quantum digital mastering processor, which provides incredible fidelity and world class masters. The studio gets loads of natural light and as all studios is acclimatized using a very quite air conditioning unit. The post production room has been used for professional mastering projects and has become the preferred reference system for some local pro’s.

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