QU32 Room & Live Room

The QU32 room at Cape Audio College offers an extremely comprehensive multitrack recording facility outfitted with the most up to date digital console and control surfaces available.

The room boasts an Alan and Heath QU32 digital console providing up to 32 individual microphone and line inputs divided between two dedicated isolation booths. The drum booth is carefully treated space with a floating floor providing a highly sought after acoustic character ideal for most drum recording applications. The second booth is a multipurpose recording space that can be used for a variety instruments and vocals. The control room features state of the art recording equipment, acoustic treatment and JBL monitoring systems that provide the students with an unparalleled, large format multitrack recording facility. Both isolation booths include the proprietary Alan and Heath personal monitoring systems allowing the artists to ensure they are hearing exactly what they need to provide the best performance. Once the recordings are done the QU32 console transforms into a dedicated digital audio workstation control surface allowing students to control Pro Tools directly from the hardware console itself. This allows smooth transitions through the stages of recording and production and simulates the global trends students will encounter in the working world.

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