Tin Pan

The digital lounge has been used as a commercial recording studio for the past 16 years by advertising agencies and film companies all over the world. Fitted with the cutting edge of digital production technology and stylized as a corporate but creative environment, the digital lounge is a serious post production studio. With Pro Tools HD and full 5.1 surround sound mixing, this studio can go head to head with even the toughest of audio production tasks. The supreme Focusrite Red series mic pre amps and compressors provide the front end with sublime Adam Audio and Yamaha monitoring for playback. Students who achieve certain set goals will be given access to this studio and students studying the 2nd and 3rd year engineering option will be based in this studio the high-end Ensoniq TS-12 stage piano is patched directly into a MIDI interface to provide the best in MIDI programming and recording. And with the large display for DV output you can instantly turn the room into a full surround-sound cinema, a great help when blowing clients out of their seats. The digital lounge is a pleasure to work in for both engineer and producer.

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