Introduction to Podcasting & Digital Broadcast

Course Description

We at Cape Audio College pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the current media broadcast trends & technology. With this in mind Podcasting & Live Streaming is a natural progression from audio production for radio, film & TV. In our Podcasting & Digital broadcast course, students learn the fundamentals of audio & video routing & recording, as well as, the technical requirements for a professional podcast, live stream, or, online radio show. Careful attention is paid to equipment, software & skills necessary to create a well-presented digital broadcast.

Course content:

– Audio production considerations, techniques & equipment
– Broadcast consoles & microphones
– Video production considerations, techniques & equipment
– Video cameras & editing software
– Online hosting & streaming services
– Conceptualization, research & consistency
– Camera presence, microphone techniques & rapport
– Online marketing & promotion
– Social media & analytics

Logistical details
4 weeks consisting of two 90 min lectures per week. (Lectures could take the form of practical demonstration, discussions or formal lectures).
Lectures will be held 2 evenings each week.

Registration closes: 11 May 2020

Course starts: 11 May 2020

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Full time/Part time: Part time.

Price: R5500.00

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