The Sound of love at Hillcrest Quarry

Valentines Day is the celebrated day of love across the world, and this year Hillcrest Quarry held a special open air concert for all those love birds out there. With the sun shining, concert goers arrived with their picnic baskets in hand to enjoy a jam packed afternoon of sensational artists in the tranquil settings of the Hillcrest Quarry.

Thirteen students from our 2nd and 3rd year Diploma and Higher Certificate courses made sure that the sound was nothing less than perfect on the day. With over 1200 people attending the concert, it was a great opportunity for our Live Sound Committee to get some real world training with our VRX rig and on the Midus M32 console. The Live Sound Committee were supervised by our Live Sound Director Terence Collings, our Live Sound Assistant Wayne Dennis, and our Jazz fundi and Instructor Marvin Lombard. Under their ever watchful eyes, the students used their accumulated knowledge and live sound training to make sure that there were no hiccups. The students were in charge of the setup and the breakdown of all the audio equipment, as well as making sure that the bands specific sound requirements were met. A key part of their training is learning how to deal with various bands and the ever changing levels, which they have to monitor and adjust where needed.

Being there bright and early to setup, the Live Sound Committee went through their final checks as families, friends and love birds arrived to enjoy some amazing music under the warm African sun. Working like a well oiled machine, they made sure that everything was ready to go for the soothing sounds of Ryan Kidwell, who warmed up the afternoon with an acoustic set to set the mood. Ryan Kidwell was followed by Majozi and his band, who added to the romantic atmosphere with beautiful tracks such as Darling and Fire. The main act of the day was one of South Africa’s best known indie rock bands, Desmond and the Tutus. Crimson House ended off the day with their eclectic fusion of blues and rock.

The Live Sound Committee will be back at Hillcrest Quarry in March for Woof Fun Fest and Jammin Reggae Fest.

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