Venoesjka Franzsen122

Venoesjka Franzsen

Venoesjka Franzsen(Past Student 2010) currently works as an audio post-production engineer at Stashco Studios. Venoesjka is highly skilled at final mixing, advanced dialogue editing and building complete soundtracks by use of SFX libraries, foley recordings and creative sound design. Some projects Venoesjka has worked on are as followed:

  • Disney Cookabout S3, S4, S5 (Kids Cooking Show) – Final Mix Engineer
  • Die Byl S1,S2 (Criminal Drama Series) – Dialogue and Sfx Editor
  • Boer Soek ‘n Vrou S5-S12 (Reality Series) – Dialogue Editor
  • Krotoa (Feature Film) – Dialogue Editor, SFX Editor, Foley Recordist
  • Ring of Lies (Telenovela)- Dialogue and Sfx Editor
  • Felix (dialogue and sound effects editor)
  • Noma (Documentary) (sound editor)
  • Die Ballade van Robbie de Wee (dialogue editor)
  • Durban Poison (dialogue editor – as Venoesjka Franzen)
  • Felix (dialogue and sound effects editor)

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