The Nigh Harvest 2016

February saw the return of South Africa’s most prestigious BMX and MTB dirt jump competition, and for the fourth year in a row Cape Audio College has sponsored The Night Harvest’s sound. As the name would suggest, the event is held at night in the sleepy village of Hout Bay, where a world-class, custom track has been built for the sole purpose of BMX and MTB riders. The event draws local and international riders, who battle it out to see who will take the top spots in the various categories, and to be crowned the king of the big trick jump at the end of the evening. The Night Harvest crew worked feverishly hard to get the jumps ready for their 2016 event, and with a powerhouse sponsor like Monster on-board again for another year, it was set to be an awesome event.

Over 1500 spectators, both young and old descended upon the grounds to watch the riders pull off some hair raising tricks, and our Live Sound Committee was there to make sure that their sound never skipped a beat and that the commentators were heard where ever the action was. Five of our talented students from our Diploma course were at the event to put their live sound training to use in the real world. And for the first time this year, The Night Harvest saw all the music being played exclusively off of vinyl records. But even this was no challenge for our students, who made sure that the DJ kept the records spinning throughout the night.

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