Surround sound with Dave Subkleve

Bringing in guest lecturers is one way in which we expose our students to well established industry professionals. Dave Subkleve is a legend in the South African post-production and audio industry, and has won numerous awards for his work. So who better to teach our Third Year Diploma students about sorround sound?

The audio-visual post production industry is just one of the many avenues that students can follow after they leave our college. The industry has seen a major growth with the advent of our digital age, more movies and series are now being out sourced to other studios outside of Hollywood. This means that students who would like to get into the post-production industry, need to leave our institute with the best knowledge available to them. 5.1 surround sound is a major part of the film industry and Dave went through various techniques, and also gave our students his professional tips for speeding up their work process in Pro Tools HD.

The students were split up into smaller groups and spent an entire week with Dave in our Cape Audio College post-production studio. These smaller groups allowed our students a more hands on experience and allowed them to ask question and receive a more personal training experience than larger classes. Our third year students will now have to rework their final second year post-production projects and create a surround sound mix that will showcase the theoretical and practical knowledge that they have gained from Dave’s lectures.

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