Drum And Snare Sampling With Dave Subkleve

We like to go the extra mile for our students at Cape Audio College, which is why we invited Dave Subkleve into our Avid S6 studio to sample some snares and drum loops. Audio Engineer, Yan Sanchez, who himself is a passionate drummer, was on hand to oversee the entire sampling session.

Dave Subkleve is a legend in the South African post-production and audio industry and has won numerous awards for his work. Over the years, Dave has recorded countless drum samples, making him the perfect person to teach our interested students in the art of drum recording. He took the students through setting up the drums and snares, mic placement and the actual recording process. Dave also brought a collection of high-end snare drums to keep our students busy the entire day.

One of our past Diploma students, Brett Atkinson, was selected as the assistant engineer to work alongside Dave for the sampling session. These weekend sessions allow our students to work with industry professionals who might not otherwise have time during the week. We want to thank Dave Subkleve for giving up his Saturday and coming in to help our students. We would also like to thank Chad and Yan for giving up their Saturday to assist Dave and the students in the studio. Overall it was a weekend well spent, and we hope that our students learnt a whole lot more about drum sampling.

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