Campus Radio station

At Cape Audio College, we pride ourselves in making sure that our college is the first in a long line of forwarding thinking initiatives that push the boundaries of learning. These initiatives greatly benefit our students on their paths to become world-class sound engineers. With the radio still being an essential medium across the world, we decided to invest in an online radio station, making us the very first audio college in Africa to have a live broadcasting radio station.

This radio station aims to teach students different radio production methods and to allow them hands-on experience as they utilise their skills in the real world of broadcasting. As a bonus, students are allowed to host their own shows, and this opens up the world of presenting to them. The radio station also gives the college the ability to work with our current partners Smile FM and Primedia for them to do live workshops at our facility in Mowbray.


Our Campus Radio will have weekly schedules, with students making up the bulk of the live slots, and a few our staff members filling in here and there. As it is designed to be a training tool, students will have to stick to deadlines and work to a set production schedule. They will also have to supply a production plan for their shows, and they will have to utilise their training in order to create their own show ID’s, stingers, bumpers, and ads. They will be allowed to showcase their own music that they have produced and will be allowed to advertise any events that they will be participating in. So, students will have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to their content, but, like in the real world, they will have to report to a station manager who will guide and supervise them with their shows. Our very own Stores Manager Russell Chirau will be taking on the role of station manager at Cape Audio Campus Radio.

Cape Audio Campus Radio will officially launch on the 17th of February 2016, with shows that will run live from 10 am-10 pm Mo-Thu and 9 am-3 pm on Fridays, with repeats on the weekends and during the after-hours. The shows will be an eclectic mix of music genres that beautifully showcases the diverse musical interests of our students and staff members.


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