Gabriel Le Roux

Gabriel Le Roux

Live Sound/ monitor Engineer

Gabriel completed his studies at Cape Audio College in 2002 with a diploma in Sound Technology. 

Upon completing his studies, Gabriel worked in the UK for two years following that he started working for Solo Recording studios for three years. 

While starting his career working as a freelance sound engineer in 2008, Gabriel his own company called Audiosense. Audiosense primarily focuses on on-location recording for the DVD & Broadcast market. They also design & project manage shows for some of there clients, mostly in the Afrikaans & Black Gospel Market.   

As Gabriel’s freelance career started gaining momentum, He starting moving into monitor engineering (IEM), and control system design for shows such as Afrikaans is Groot, Classics, FNB Starlight Pops & Innibos

More recently, Gabriel has been taking care of Soundcraft Consoles in South Africa. Gabriel is in charge of doing all the training, support and social media for this brand. 

Some achievements that Gabriel has been proud since working in the sound engineering field is being able to pay the bill’s while working as an audio engineer for the last 18 years.

 Some words of advice for current & future student’s:

  • Be patient. It takes time and perseverance to build a career in Audio. 
  • Look after your ears!
  • Rock and Roll will not get you anywhere trust me. All the top Audio Engineers have “fighter pilot” like mentalities and live clean lives. 
  • Explore all avenues. Audio Engineering is not just studio, install and live sound. The world is changing, so be ahead of the curve. 
  • You will need a thick skin, lots of skill, millions of hours and a stellar attitude to make it, but with that said there is NOTHING like doing what you love.
  • Music is in our bones, we breathe it, we live it, and it runs through our veins, If this sound like you, this career have chosen you and you are on the right path. 

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