Ntuthuko Mbuyazi

Live SOund/ Studio Engineer

Nthuthuko completed his 1 Year Diploma Sound Technology Course, Full Time in 2010.

Nthuthuko has worked as a live sound engineer both as a FOH+ MONITOR Engineer for Dorothy Masuka, Abigail Kubeka, Multiple bands made up of a collage of Brilliant Musicians and Singers, Rashid Lanie’s Band, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, We Will Worship, Freedom Band, Wanda Baloyi, Nokukhanya Dlamini, Gugu Shezi, Nomfundo Dlamini, Lerato Gwebu, Hlengiwe Pearl, to mention a few…

Nthuthuko Sound Designed Shows for directors such as Palesa Mazamisa, James Ngcobo, Gregory Maqoma, Lesedi Job, Greg Homann, Momo Matsunyane, Sibusiso Mamba, Charmain Weir-Smith, Clive Mathibe, Bobby Heaney.

Once Nthuthuko completed his studies, he moved to Johannesburg in 2011, and that is where his career kicked off. He visited a Recording Studio by the name Orangotang Music. He took notes, asked questions, helped with making coffee, took trips to buy lunch for us, called out ‘SAVE THE SESSION’ etc… Then it grew to assist with Admin, with Session Preps, then he eventually got employed as a Sound Technician by the Studio owners Andrew Baird and Colin Vincent.

Nthuthuko’s work spectrum went from Basic Studio Maintenance, Studio Admin with research, software installations, backups, session preps, recording, editing, Sound Design, TV Final Mix, Mastering TV + Radio Ads, Jingles and TV Shows. Working in Studio Full time for 4 years exposed me to many artists such as Mango Groove, Kabelo Mabalane, Michale Bester, Ray Green, Lloyd Cele, Linda Mkhize (Pro – Prokid), Mandla N, Elvis Blue, Black Byrd, Margaret Motsage, Kurt Herman, Ntokozo Mbambo to mention a few. During those 4 years, he was doing Part-Time Live Sound gigs for a few Bands. He was also doing FOH Engineering at church for about 3 of those 4 years, Heading a Sound Team of 4.

He then moved over to Theatre in 2015 where his was employment as Sound Technician at the prestigious Market Theatre in Newtown Johannesburg. This is where rapid unmanageable growth has been happening for him for the past 5 years. He then got launched into Theatre Sound Design, Monitor+FOH Engineering and have indirectly been heading the Sound Department for 5 years.

In his 5 years in Theatre, 4 of his Theatre Sound Design works have been nominated by the Prestigious Naledi Theatre Awards, 1 of which converted to a win in 2019. He won Best Sound Design for the show “Florence”, directed by Greg Homann. He has gotten to Mentor Technicians, Engineers and Designers. He has gotten to work hand in hand with SA’s Greatest Art Practitioners, Creatives, Writers, Producers, Poets, Musicians, Composers, Choreographers, Dancers, Performers, Actors, Directors and Designers.

Nthuthuko’s Sound Design and Engineering work have taken me to France, Czech Republic, Amsterdam/Nederlands, Durban, New York, Washington DC, Cape Town, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Bloemfontein, London, Romania and China.

Words of wisdom for future & Current student’s:
I might come across as “too serious” in my “words of wisdom”, it is because I’m so passionate about our Field, I cannot sugar coat things because I would be robbing Students of the truth… Words I still remember from 1 of my lecturers in 2010 – ‘Focus on your strengths, but DO NOT neglect your weaknesses’. There’s really no time for playing around. Use ALL the time that looks like free time to constructively learn as much as you can. There’s never really “too much time spent in Studio”, those hours of practical learning are needed for all fields within Sound Engineering. If you do not put in the hours towards your education, you cannot blame anyone for it other than yourself. Team up with people that are eager to learn. ASK questions or seek help when you get stuck, you’d instead look dumb than not equip yourself for your own future. It is REAL and could get really TOUGH out here. Your work and words either speak for you or against you.

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