Our 2021 Radio Production ‘Dream Team’ cooks-up world-class Radio Ad Campaigns And, here’s more ‘Real Good News’! …

You need EXPERIENCE to get a JOB, but you need a JOB to get EXPERIENCE! It’s a vicious cycle. And, it generally applies to all of the most sought-after vocations ─ professional Sound Engineering and Radio Production, being no exception.
There is NO SUBSTITUTE for ‘hands-on’ learning and experience! Which is why, back in 2012, Rae de Jager (Head of Cape Audio College) initialised a fresh new Commercial Radio Advertising Production module, giving students the chance to work with various ‘real-world’ clients, along with seasoned advertising industry professional Greg Smith.

Rae de Jager: I truly believe that it is our practical, ‘real world’ approach to teaching, that makes Cape Audio College graduates stand out from the rest.

Nine wonderfully-productive and successful years later, this awesome ‘real-world’ experience continues to excite and motivate students wishing to get ahead and build strong creative portfolios ─ to bolster their chances of employment, in the dauntingly competitive Communications industry. The results speak for themselves: as many, of Cape Audio College’s top graduates, go on to become top international and local players in their field.

HOW (AND WHY) THE ‘DREAM TEAM’ WORKS: Greg first gives our students a comprehensive lecture on ‘Client Expectations’. That is followed by a comprehensive creative brief ─ to produce various radio adverts, or campaigns.

Students then submit their initial work for feedback, and thereafter revert with revised submissions, for critical assessment and marking. Once final marking is completed, students who’ve shown the most initiative, talent and enthusiasm, are chosen ─ and invited by Greg to join the ‘Dream Team’ ─ to collaborate in week-long recording sessions.

The ultimate ‘real-world’ experience in all aspects of Radio Ad production
Here, they get the ultimate hands-on ‘real-world’ experience in all aspects of Radio Ad production: a chance to do voice-overs, compose and edit music, and creatively ‘push-the-envelope’ as both advertising producers and sound engineers.
Cape Audio College’s Luke Evans and Russell Chirau, who were both top students in a previous ‘Dream Team’, provided invaluable pre-production assistance ─ and audio engineering guidance throughout the 2021 sessions.

Russell Chirau:These sessions provide students with priceless experience on how to craft professional radio adverts. A skill that has proved lucrative for me in my own career.

Since the beginning of the Covid-pandemic, educational institutions have faced enormous challenges. As a result, the ‘New Normal’ has brought about greater innovation in the way we do business. We call it ‘BLENDED LEARNING’ ─ a combination of ‘ON-LINE’ lectures and safe ‘ON-CAMPUS’ practical training. It was decided that this would be the primary focus of our Radio Campaigns this year, and 2 distinct radio ad concepts were created:


The first radio ad campaign concept, titled “Real Good News” takes a humorous look at what constitutes ‘REAL’ good news ─ as opposed to plain-old wishful-thinking. (For example, we would all love to hear the news that “PETROL will be free from tomorrow!”’ or that “Load-shedding is over forever!”, even though, that will probably never happen!) 


The second radio ad campaign concept is titled “Cooking with Gas”. The big idea of this advert is to exploit the creative link between top-class ‘sound production’ and ‘cooking’:
(a) both involve ‘classes’ where ‘experts’ ─ like Cape Audio College , and say, a ‘Gordon Ramsey’-type chef ─ lead the way, and…
(b) There are many words (or terms) that relate to both skills: ‘cooking (with gas)’, ‘mixing’, ‘blending’, style’, ‘sensation’ ‘flavour’ and ‘taste’, to name but a few.

We asked the students to use a character actor, who can parody the famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay. Except our chef’s name would be ‘Gordon Bleu’, and the caricature required, had to be more over-the-top, ear-grabbing, and very cheeky. (Not unlike the parodies you see on Saturday Night Live, or other comedy programmes.)

Greg Smith:Congratulations to all students who participated in this year’s amazing Dream Team. And, thank you, Rae de Jager, for giving all your students such incredible, hands-on, ‘real life’ world-class training!

If the idea of studying Audio Engineering and getting to produce world-class work appeals to you, look no further than what Cape Audio College can offer you! (LINKS TO COURSES)



Luke Bradshaw: “The Dream Team experience was amazing for me. I loved the collaboration between everyone. Everybody’s input was equal and we all brought something to the table.”

Oscar Arnott: “I really appreciated the opportunity to be involved in the Dream Team production. I felt the experience to be invaluable as I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be involved in such a production anywhere, anytime soon.”

Julio Dozetos: “This has been an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life as it was the first time I got to experience the entire process of producing a radio advert, from pre-production to presentation to the client.”

Kian Wright: ”I must say that I really enjoyed being part of the Dream Team. It was very insightful and in my opinion it was good training for real world work. Working with the client and the copywriter to provide and advert that they want.”

Rae de Jager: “Dear Greg, Just a quick note to thank you for all your effort in making Dream Team 21 such a success. The Team have produced amazing work and affording them the opportunity to work closely with a seasoned professional in the studio for a week gives them invaluable experience that will stand them in good stead well into the future. I truly believe that this practical/real world approach to teaching is what makes Cape Audio College graduates stand out from the rest. “

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