Benny Franke

Benny Franke

PA system designer, recording engineer, Stage manager, technical director and 3D CAD engineer.

Benny Franke graduated from Cape Audio College in 2007. In 2007, Benny then worked as a PA & DJ salesman at Thomann which is europes biggest music store. Benny has done a whole range of different broadcast live streams, DVD recordings and live shows. Mostly I did work as PA system designer, recording engineer, Stage manager, technical director and 3D CAD engineer.

From 2018, Benny started working as the Product Manager at Sennheiser Pro Audio. As the product Manager, he steers a development team which creates something you can buy in the stores later on. The latest products in the market are the Smart Assist App for Sennheiser EW-D wireless microphones.

Here is a list of Touring, Festivals and Recordings that benny has been invovled in:

Die Toten Hosen MachMaLauter Tour 2009 (PA-Tech)

Flying Bach  2010 (PA-System)

Melt Festival 2010 (PA-Tech, Bühne)

Splash Festival 2010 (PA-Tech, Bühne)

SMS Festival 2010 (PA-Tech, Bühne)

Die Toten Hosen Festivals 2010 (Monitor Assistent)

Westernhagen live 2010 tour (PA-Tech)

Beatsteaks Open Airs 2011 (PA-Tech)

Seefestspiele Wannsee 2011 (PA-System) )OPERA

Beatsteaks Wintertour 2011 (PA-System)

Die Ärzte XX XY shows 2011 (PA-Tech)

Rhythm Monks Lollapalooza SaoPaulo 2012 (Technical director, FOH)

Die Ärzte das Ende ist noch nicht vorbei Tour 2012 (PA- Tech)

Beatsteaks two drummer Summer Festivals 2012 (PA- System)

New Music Award Berlin 2012 (Bühne)

Rhythm Monks ProduktionSetup und US Casting LA 2012 (Technical director, FOH)

Die Ärzte Das Come Back Tour 2012 (PA-Tech)

Die Ärzte Ärztifals 2013 (Monitor Assistent)

Max Herre MTV unplugged DVD 2013 (Monitor/ Recording Assistent)

Reginald Grebe Weihnachtsshows Admiralspalast 2013 (PA-System)

Fettes Brot Weihnachtsshows 2013 (PA-System)

Fettes Brot drei ist ne Party Tour 2014 (PA-System)

Casper Hinterland Tour 2014 nicht ganz (PA-System)

Mario Barth Weltrekord Olympia-stadion DVD 2014 (Recording)

Max Herre MTV unplugged Tour 2014 (Monitor Assistent)

Beatsteaks Sommer Festivals 2014 (PA-System)

Beatsteaks Creepmagnet Tour 2014 (PA-System)

Teddy Show DVD Stuttgart 2015 (Recording)

Max Herre MTV unplugged Tour 2015 (Monitor Assistent)

Beatsteaks Sommer Festivals 2015 (PA-System)

Kosmonaut Festival 2015 (PA-System)

Stars for Free Wuhheide 2015 (PA-System)

Namika ab September 2015 (FOH, Monitor)

Fettes Brot Teenager vom Mars Tour 2015 (PA-System)

ParkwayDrive Europa Tour 2016 (PA-System) Deutschland Termine

Aligatoa Tour 2016 (PA-System)

Max Herre MTV unplugged Tour 2016 (Monitor Assistent)

KoRn Europa Festival Tour 2016 (Monitor Assistent)

Kosmonaut Festival 2016 (PA-System)

Schiller live 2016 (PA-Tech)

Xavier Naidoo Tour 2016 (PA-Tech)

AnnenMayKantereit Konzerte im Frühjahr 2017 (PA-System)

KoRn Europa Tour 2017 (Stagemanager)

Beatsteaks Sommer Festivals 2017 (PA- System)

Kraftklub Sommer Festivals 2017 (PA-System)

Kosmonaut Festival 2017 (PA-System)

With Full Force Festival 2017 (PA-System)

Mario Barth Waldbühne DVD 2017 (Recording)

Deichkind Wuhlheide 2017 (PA-System)

KoRn Europa Festivals 2017 (Monitor Assistent)

Kraftklub Keine Nacht für Niemand Tour 2017 (PA-System)

Xavier Naidoo Tour 2017 (PA-Tech)

Sido, Cool Savas Royal Bunker Tour 2018 (PA- System)

Sido, Cool Savas Royal Bunker Tour 2018 (PA- System)

Peter Maffay MTV unplugged 2018 live DVD (Recording)

Kraftklub Keine Nacht für Niemand Tour 2018 (PA-System)

Beatsteaks Yours Tour 2018 (PA-System)

Lisa Stansfield Tour 2018 (PA-System) nicht alle shows

Rock am Ring 2018 (Broadcast)


Spotify live sessions since 2013 (FOH, Monitor, Recording, Mixing (not always), Mastering (not always)

Chilly Gonzales



David Lemaitre

Leslie Clio

Marla Blumenblatt Fitzsimmons

The Head and the Heart


Douglas Dare


Milky Chance




Fabian Römer

OK Kid

Alvaro Soler


Max Giesinger Clueso

Mark Forster

 Alice Merton


Here is a a couple of videos with interview with Benny.



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