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Unlock Your Audio Potential at Cape Audio College,.

Cape Audio College offers two fully accredited full-time options for Sound Technology.

Achieve your dreams of entering the highly dynamic audio industry, through enrolling in either our

3 Year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sound Technology and Production

1 Year Higher Certificate in Sound Technology

Experience our state-of-the-art facilities, which includes equipment that is industry standard and cutting-edge. Our knowledgeable staff of seasoned experts will walk you through every facet of the enormous range of options in the audio and sound industry.

Cape Audio College is well connected in the audio industry, and our solid relationships with professionals and leaders in the field, spanning over 30 years will open doors for you to network, secure internships, and gain practical experience, putting you on the fast track to success in the lucrative field in sound engineering.

Start your adventure into sound by enrolling now!

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