Modern Music Production

The perfect choice for your music career


The Modern Music Production course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to elevate your passion, hobbies, and interests into business ideas.
Cape Audio College has always been at the cutting edge of the South African music industry, and with this course, we continue this legacy. This 12-week part-time practical course is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of digital music production, programming, business and publishing.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to produce & release their original work. The course curriculum is not genre-specific & the digital audio workstation (DAW) used is Ableton Live.

Opportunities to engage industry professionals directly are available to students, through workshops and guest lectures that add value with their extensive experience.

If you are looking to take your production to an international level and beyond this is the course for you.

Content overview:

  • Introduction to Ableton (Installation / Setup / System Optimisation)
  • Working with Audio (Loops, warping, editing, reverb, delay)
  • Ableton Instruments & VST plug-ins
  • MIDI theory
  • Beat Production
  • Introduction to Music Theory and Writing Melodies
  • Remixes and Bootlegs
  • Mixing 1 (EQ / Dynamics)
  • Recording Basics and Routing
  • Vocal Production and working with a vocalist
  • The Ableton Mixer & the importance of Automation
  • Sound Design and Synthesis
  • Music Business (Publishing / Labels / Royalties / Collections Agencies)
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Final Presentation


Closes 29th July 2024


29th July 2024


12 Weeks (Part-Time)


R1 950.00


R20 450.00 (Total Cost: R22 400.00)


4th March 2024

*Course requires a minimum of 4 students to run


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