Adam Metcalfe

Adam Metcalfe

DJ & Producer - Headroom

I was at a personal crossroads with my tertiary education. I assumed I’d have to study a more typical degree and started one at UCT. However, after a year and a half, I was unhappy and more lost than before but a good friend suggested CAC,  knowing that I was a passionate DJ and music lover. Thankfully I made the switch and never looked back. 

Cape Audio gave me the theory I needed to get a good grounding in audio engineering and most importantly the ability to be hands-on with audio gear that one needs to be familiar with. These valuable lessons helped form the building blocks of what I needed to know before becoming a producer. At the time the producer course hadn’t started at the college but the principles I learned were still essential in understanding what the objectives are in making music and how to achieve them.  

Since 2005 I have worked for myself as a full-time Psytrance producer and DJ known as HEADROOM.  



“Discovering who you are and what you want to do is one of life’s challenges. If you’ve decided the world of audio is your calling, then you’re in great hands with Cape Audio College.

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