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Live & Direct - Established as a live MUSICEVENT company in 2014

Cape Audio College’s teaching approach is both theoretical and practical with an emphasises on experiential learning. Established in 2010 Live & Direct has been responsible for securing students job opportunities even before the completion of their studies. Live and Direct was founded to fill a void in the Live sound industry and help provide industry-standard training and job readiness.

The team of experienced lecturers, consisting of Ian Watson and Marvin Lombard share the philosophy that the best way to understand and learn the nuances of the live sound industry is by doing real-world practical work. Together they have a combined 30 years of experience working at different events.

Working events has given students the ideal experience, to walk into any position that involves live sound and be an immediate contributing asset, due to the practical experience obtained while studying the course.
Cape Audio College Students are privileged to get the opportunity to work on a variety of events, from music concerts, fashion shows, DJ events, weddings, corporate functions and festivals. These have ranged from servicing clubs like Mercury Live, Armchair Theatre and Trenchtown as well as the Dewaal Park Concert Series and Hillcrest Quarry events to name a few. To date, Live and Direct continues to be a constant participator in the events industry of Cape Town.

Below is an article written by Jeremy Loops regarding the amazing GreenPop Reforest Festival Stage which was hosted by Live & Direct, through Cape Audio College in April 2022.


We are thrilled to bring you unforgettable live music experiences that showcase the talents of emerging artists and established performers.

From intimate acoustic sessions to electrifying concerts, our events create a vibrant atmosphere where music lovers can connect and immerse themselves in the magic of live performances.

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