Gavin Goldberg

Gavin Goldberg

Music Producer & Mix Engineer

Gavin Goldberg is a London based Producer and Mixer based at Plato Studios, London, he can also be found inhabiting a large variety of other studios doing a large variety of things, from mixing records, recording orchestras, playing his guitar, tracking bands, making beats, developing new artists, and song writing

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Gavin’s early career was spent coming up through the ranks of the vibrant and diverse local industry – first as a musician and band leader – and later as a producer, mixer and writer who’s work garnered several South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

Gavin brings to bare considerable experience of both music and tech to bridge the gap between artists, labels, investors, technology

 His impressive production, mix and engineering resume includes Simple Minds, Bill Wyman, Avril Levigne, Imelda May, Martha Waignwright,  Britney Spears, Simply Red, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, Andreas Vollenweider and many others.

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