Neil Fester

Neil Fester

Freelance Location Sound

What made me want to study Sound Engineering was that I was always interested in how and why Albums all sounded different to each other from the same artist and what went into creating them the same for Film Sound. 

Studying at Cape Audio College gave me a solid foundation in multiple aspects of Audio production. From simple one-microphone recordings to multitrack mixing and recording and even room design and acoustics. Everything I learned at Cape Audio College I use every day and would not be able to do the work I do if I did not go to Cape Audio College. Especially being organized with regard to Naming Tracks and File Management.    

I work for a company called Insync Productions in Cape Town 

My position is as a Location Sound Recordist and Post Production Mixer  

My advice to anyone looking to study at Cape Audio College is “to just do it”. You will only know if you want to do anything related to Audio by doing it. You will learn a lot even if you find that it was not what you first thought it was going to be.”

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