Tertius Scheepers

Tertius Scheepers

Branch Manager & Stock Controller at T.O.M.S.

I’ve always had a passion for music and understanding how it’s made. I played in bands throughout the years and did a few scratch albums on the completely wrong gear, which led to me wanting to get a more holistic understanding of the recording experience and what it involves.  

Cape Audio College equipped me with the knowledge needed to pursue the career that I am in and the understanding of the gear that we use in our industry. 

I work for The Only Music Shop (or TOMS as everyone knows it), located at 65 Buitengracht, Cape Town. I am the Branch Manager here but also have a dual function in that I’m the Stock Controller for all the branches in the company, making the purchasing decisions for all the rad gear you see on our shelves.  

“Enjoy your time at CAC and absorb as much knowledge as you can. Make the effort to build relationships with your fellow students as a lot of them will end up moving into the industry with your post-studies. These relationships will help you build a career within our industry and community that will sustain itself much longer than just the knowledge you obtain will.”  

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