Bachelor of Arts in Sound Technology and Production

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Our flagship qualification is the Bachelor of Arts course in Sound and Technology and Production. This course has been responsible for producing many successful sound engineers both nationally and internationally. We believe this is due to our focus on participating in a community of practice.

The Bachelor’s course is designed to give learners all the technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge necessary for a successful career in the audio industry. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge to be employed within all facets of the industry, such as Recording Engineers, Mix Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Music Producers, Studio Engineers, Live Sound Engineers, Monitor Engineers and Acousticians.

Our team of professional and experienced lecturers train students in the art and, science of sound technology and production across a wide range of applications from recording to sound production for film and television.
Students are put through their paces with practical skills throughout their studies while working with industry-standard equipment.

In the first year of study students are introduced to the fundamentals of audio theory and what being a sound engineer is all about. In the second year, students learn advanced recording techniques and an in-depth analysis of instruments.

Audio-visual post-production is taken to another level, and radio production is dealt with in detail by utilising our campus radio station facilities.

In the third year, students will specialise and start working closely with real-world situations and studying acoustic principles, studio design and music business principles.

Engaging with experts and award-winning producers from different industries is a constant focus. This exposes students to the unlimited potential of avenues they can pursue beyond degree completion. Our bachelor’s degree will equip you with the skills and knowledge to be immediately employable within this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.
Join us on this thrilling journey into the world of sound engineering. Take the first step towards your dream career by applying today.

Content Overview:

  • Audio Technology Fundamentals
  • Music Production
  • Radio and Broadcast Audio
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Live Sound
  • Music Business
  • Acoustic Design
  • Career Development


Closes 26 Feb 2024


26 Feb 2024 (Subject To Change)


3 Years (Full-Time)


Registered with SAQA – ID Number 118639. Registered with the DHET ID No# 2012/HE07/002 Accredited by CHE




R6 850.00


$100.00 USD (Avid Protools Text book, Subject to exchange rate)


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